22 March 2011

I Want a Poem

I want a poem that's a picture.
An artifact,
A piece of concrete and chrome,
Hard as a bullet.
I want it to burn my chest
Like a tattoo needle.

I want it to start a fight
And come at me with a broken bottle.
I want it to be a sucker punch
What the hell!
I want it to smell like a drunk cigar.

I want a poem
That goes down like a mouthful of bleach.
I want it to lay me out
Like a flagrant foul.
I want it to be a night in the county lockup
With dudes I don't want to know.

I want a poem that opens your door
Without knocking
And drinks your last beer.
I want a poem
That doesn't care
How smart you are.

I want a poem
That just might go off
Like old munitions
Or a firecracker
In your hand.
I just want a poem.

I think I'll keep working on this one. I'd like it to be a keeper.


  1. Ooh, I like this one a lot! "I want a poem that opens your door without knocking and drinks your last beer..." I love that! You've got some great lines in here! I love poems that hit hard like you describe.

  2. Thanks. I would hit somebody hard if they barged in and drank my last beer!