29 March 2011

Cartoon Me

Cartoon me
Doesn’t want to know about the brown nits
Nestled in his daughter’s classmates’ hair.
Cartoon me
Doesn’t care
If the bills come printed on pink paper.

He wants to air guitar
And write poems about being drunk and stupid.
Cartoon me
Wants to be drunk and stupid.

Cartoon me
Gets in the car and drives.
He hitches a ride home
Cause, who the hell needs gas money?
He forgot to take the garbage out,
So he put it in someone else’s trash can.

Cartoon me
Really     doesn’t     want     to     hear     it.

Cartoon me is a goddamn nuisance.
Can I borrow some tools from your shed?

Cartoon me
Is clawing at the inside of the wooden box lid
With overgrown, bent back fingernails.
I shovel the last scoop of earth and think-
“There can’t be  much more air in that crate.”


  1. I'm with cartoon you. There is something to be said for stupid drunkeness. I love the idea of writing about "cartoon me." I might have to give it a whirl. Thanks for the idea. :)

  2. Well wow. I didn't quite expect to be inspirational. Thanks.

  3. Sometimes my "cartoon me" is my creative muse. You may not want to completely bury him! I really like this one!

  4. I don't really WANT to bury him. He just doesn't have a place to stay. Hmmmm...... You got me thinkin'.