18 November 2010

Stormy Weather

So I was tying to do some work at home, but that never really works (my children make sure of that). So I decided to go and get some work done at work; we'll call it after hours. Anyway, as I'm almost there, my wife calls me and says that the power is out and the girls are scared. I go home. Stayed with the girls a while, drove one around until she fell asleep and saw the most incredible lighting aftermath I have ever seen. I didn't see any actual bolts, I just saw sections of the sky illuminate electric blue. And no thunder either. I don't know if it was sheet lightning or what, but it was sweet.
So I gotta write about lightning. Hmmm.....
More to come.

09 November 2010

Painted Black

The world without words
Is painted black.
Tiny sable points
Dot over every star.
The night weeps
As the moon hides her face in shame.
The sun gives up hope
And burns on
For no reason.
The dreary droops of leafless trees
Makes the earth think that it is sad.
But no one knows
If anyone cares at all.

I forced myself to write something. Next, I'll try to force myself to write something good.

04 November 2010

Lame Post #2

I have to make a post because I haven't posted anything in quite some time. I'll provide an excuse. I'm really busy! And I'm pretty sure I'll stay that way for a couple of weeks. In unrelated news, I did find a replacement book for the one that my daughter pooped on.
Yay for dinosaurs!