16 October 2010

Lame Post

I'm posting this because I fell guilty about not posting anything in so long. BUT I have been meaning to write a post about how much inspiration I draw from music. Song titles, lyrics, particular phrases. I wrote a poem based on Rush's "Spirit of the Radio" which I absolutely one of my favorite things I've ever written (it and other stuff I've previously written is not posted here because I wanted to dedicate this blog to new creations).  Anyway today I was listening to the radio and the line "I never took the smile away from anybody's face" sounds so amazing to me.
If it sounds amazing to you, write something based on it here.  Hey - I think I just found my blog gimmick!


  1. Hmm ... alone and out of context that phrase struck me as a rather arrogant thing to say. I mean, how do we know what someone else is really feeling? And smiles ... they are meant for sharing, aren't they? So this is probably not the direction you were thinking about at all but hey ... ask me for randomness, see what it gets you LOL

    "I never took the smile away from anybody's face"

    Never snagged the victory in someone elses race
    Never touched the feeling in another poets muse
    Never felt the freedom in 'Nothing left to lose'
    Never shared the agony
    Never eased the pain
    Of one who's heart lay broken or a mind that's gone insane

    I wish I had connected
    had asked what was their deal
    Lost the superficial and immersed in something real
    Maybe if I'd faced the truth, maybe if I'd cared
    Both of us would know the joy of a smile that is shared.

  2. Here's a spot of doggerel - maybe mongrel... I do think it a truism that one can be too nice for one's own good!

    I never took the smile away from anybody's face
    I never ever told someone that they are a disgrace
    I always tried to be kind and gentle in my way
    But then I found that others took my happiness away
    So I learned to argue, and I learned to fight
    And now I don't accept the wrongs that others think are right.
    So maybe I am kind and nice and maybe I am cool
    But let me tell you something:
    I am nobody's fool.

  3. @ Sally: Not at all the direction I intended! But such great ideas. I love it when someone can logically bring a concept far away from where I thought logic took it. And I love the line " Never touched the feeling in another poets muse."

  4. @ Mutterer: I like the brief decisiveness here, and once again, not the direction I intended - intended is the wrong word - expected is more appropriate.

  5. Here's where went with that idea.

    Your words smell so
    I wish they were mine
    To taste every time off my tongue.
    They would make my eyes happy
    Like yours.
    I’d like to capture them .
    They’d be my muse.
    They smell like cherries and dessert.
    They feel like a birthday.
    They would be so good to me,
    But I could never take them away.