13 September 2010

The Prettiest Assassin

Your lightly colored camouflage
Of hollow plumes
Frames you in absolute earthen beauty.
You slink in so pretty
No one knows
That your fingers tear flesh
Like talons.
Your lips snatch me like prey.

You don’t even know it yourself.
Like a ninja savant,
You don’t even understand
How you assassinated my soul.
You just do it
And do it
And do it.

A wish I could warn anyone.
But your wings are too beautiful
When they move.
I can just see the blood on your mouth
And pretend it’s not mine.

This picture from Maundering Mutterer's blog was just too exquisite. I had to try to do something with it.


  1. Oh!
    The thrill of it!
    Nicely put together and delivered