28 September 2010

A little help...

OK, I have a few people reading my blog. But nobody is leaving comments. Please say something!
Here is a bit of a plea. I would really like to write a poem about water. I thought at first it should be about the ocean and then I remembered that long ago I thought it should be about the water as the integral necessity of life-or something like that. But, hell. I'm stuck. So if anyone else has any thoughts on water, poetical or not, jot 'em down. Here on my blog. Specific. General. Powerful. Mundane. Whatever.


  1. Cold, wet, still, deep as emotion, purifying, washing you clean. Water is life, primordial, first, the ocean, the beginning of all things. From water we come and it is water that must sustain all living things.

    Formless, adaptable, ebbing, flowing, molding itself to whatever container it finds itself but never really contained at all. Relentless, ever moving, wearing away all resistance, canyons were carved into the rock by water.

    We are formed of water, like 90% and like the tides the Moon holds the secret to our rhythms. Water is music, gently bubbling over rocks, pitter pattering in puddles, the pounding of the surf.

    It has the power to heal ... and the power to destroy. Perhaps the most understandable of the elementals because we are of it.

    There's so many angles you could approach this from and all would be different, each would be complete in itself. What is important here is how water speaks to you.

  2. Fantastic! I didn't think about the contrast of "the power to heal ... and the power to destroy." Or the piercing, aggressive force of carving water, or us being so close to water because we are so much water.

    Many thanks for your insight-and in such a poetic prose.

    My brain is going.

  3. forgive me for being a hopeless romantic, but i've always thought a good comparison is water, a substance that you cannot live without, to the one person in your life who you feel you would die without. hope that helps!

  4. Hard not to think about water as I look out my window! It's been pouring nonstop since yesterday! Which got me to thinking about rain (which I blogged about, albeit not very poetically!) The feel of rain, sound of rain, taste of raindrops, etc. How some people are hydrophilic, some hydrophobic. BTW, I enjoy reading your posts for Make It Up Monday-always interesting and unexpected!

  5. @Mey: I really like your contrasting idea in water, but the two things I cannot right worth a damn are poems that rhyme and poems about love.

    @Lolamouse: I like the idea of the sounds of water. I'm feeling pretty inspired. Also, I'm glad you enjoy my Make It Up Monday posts. Thanks for the great compliment!!

    Gotta put my girl to bed now. Hopefully I'll write a little before I go to bed.