07 September 2010

Chemical Robot

My eyelids slide into the open position
As my brain sparks out of sleep mode.
I gear my torso upward
And an ache indicates a malfunction.
Biocorrosion? Prior damage?
I get out of bed.
And transmit a walking order
For the kitchen
To feed my fuel cell.

I am a chemical robot,
Programmed in proteins
And wired in neurons.
Conjured and constructed
By a secret scientist.
Am I less of a machine
Because I know that I am?
I lose the thought.
My prototype processor
It’s not multi-cored silicon, like a CPU.
It’s just a single blood and flesh brain.
More random than coherent.

I relax my electromechanical muscles
With a pulse,
Sitting down to wonder
If my computer wonders like I do?
Because we’re so much the same.

I got the inspiration for this rudimentary poem bit from a blog that I am newly following called Maundering Mutterer. I've only just started to read it but it is really compelling. Her ideas are thoughtful and she takes hella-cool photos - which particularly interests me because my sister has a photography blog (which she apparently no longer updates) that got me to start my blog.


  1. This is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! I can see you're in love with both the music and the meaning of words. Thanks for the kind 'acknowledgement', but I'll tell you what: I find it humbling when I read your fabulous poetry.

  2. PS: Will check out the full message soon, but use of my pictures? I'd only be flattered! Plenty of them over here: www.fotothing.com/depicture/

  3. I'm glad you're enjoying my poetry! One of the reasons I started a blog was to force myself to write more.

    Thanks for letting me use your photos! I'm really inspired by great images.