28 September 2010

A little help...

OK, I have a few people reading my blog. But nobody is leaving comments. Please say something!
Here is a bit of a plea. I would really like to write a poem about water. I thought at first it should be about the ocean and then I remembered that long ago I thought it should be about the water as the integral necessity of life-or something like that. But, hell. I'm stuck. So if anyone else has any thoughts on water, poetical or not, jot 'em down. Here on my blog. Specific. General. Powerful. Mundane. Whatever.

25 September 2010

52 Weeks of Wordage: Stefers the Great and the Horrible, Awful, No Good, Very Bad Sniffles

I really like this blog. Here's a link to something I wrote in response to a picture that was posted. She does it every week. I was named one of the winners. Yay!

13 September 2010

The Prettiest Assassin

Your lightly colored camouflage
Of hollow plumes
Frames you in absolute earthen beauty.
You slink in so pretty
No one knows
That your fingers tear flesh
Like talons.
Your lips snatch me like prey.

You don’t even know it yourself.
Like a ninja savant,
You don’t even understand
How you assassinated my soul.
You just do it
And do it
And do it.

A wish I could warn anyone.
But your wings are too beautiful
When they move.
I can just see the blood on your mouth
And pretend it’s not mine.

This picture from Maundering Mutterer's blog was just too exquisite. I had to try to do something with it.

09 September 2010

52 Weeks of Wordage: Exercise #175 : In the Dentist's Office : Stretching, Folding, Tilting

I like to turn my television to channel 5.
I don't have a channel 5.
I close my eyes to the static
To listen to the cosmic stretch
And see the stars in my eyelids
Fly out in light speed slow-motion
In colors I don't know
But so vivid
They blur across the sky
In gassy glow-clouds.

I wonder if
The rubbery edges of the universe
Will brittle like an old hair band?

This is the post on a great blog I follow that got me going in this direction. Dentist, cosmos... close enough.

Stuff I don't want to forget

I don't know how appropriate this would be in any writing, but I got the idea of a Ninja Savant.
Then I got to some terms like Soul Assassin.

It reminds me of my dark, angry high school poetry-but I think I want to use it.

07 September 2010

Chemical Robot

My eyelids slide into the open position
As my brain sparks out of sleep mode.
I gear my torso upward
And an ache indicates a malfunction.
Biocorrosion? Prior damage?
I get out of bed.
And transmit a walking order
For the kitchen
To feed my fuel cell.

I am a chemical robot,
Programmed in proteins
And wired in neurons.
Conjured and constructed
By a secret scientist.
Am I less of a machine
Because I know that I am?
I lose the thought.
My prototype processor
It’s not multi-cored silicon, like a CPU.
It’s just a single blood and flesh brain.
More random than coherent.

I relax my electromechanical muscles
With a pulse,
Sitting down to wonder
If my computer wonders like I do?
Because we’re so much the same.

I got the inspiration for this rudimentary poem bit from a blog that I am newly following called Maundering Mutterer. I've only just started to read it but it is really compelling. Her ideas are thoughtful and she takes hella-cool photos - which particularly interests me because my sister has a photography blog (which she apparently no longer updates) that got me to start my blog.

06 September 2010

Kim Addonizio

For anyone who would prefer a text version of Forms of Love instead of the audio link I listed - 
Forms of Love

05 September 2010

Not My Own

I'd like to share a fantastic poem I heard on NPR's Write's Almanac a couple of months back. Hopefully this is a permanent link. The poem is at the end. It's By Kim Addonizio and is called Forms of Love.

02 September 2010

Dancing Machine

I wish I was a dancing machine.
I would stroll into work late
And the boss would
Point his finger at my pop-lock.
But I would be way too funky
To care.
"You ain't the boss of me
No more!"
As my head bobs with the beat.
My headphones cover like electric earmuffs,
Puts the beat
Right down in my brain
Deeper than an instinct,
Like a program hardwired to my soul.

I wish I was a dancing machine.

The first line just came to me and I had to get it down. I think I'm liking it and will definitely revisit it. FEEL FREE TO COMMENT AND SUGGEST!!!