12 May 2010

The Curse

I lean back to review my reasons,
Flowchart my thoughts.
Data-driven me.

A random idea begins to rise.
I push it back into the pattern,
To its orderly belonging.

I need this reason because
Nothing is right
Without a why.

I gawk awkward
At the normals
How they just do.

As if cause
didn't lead to effect.
The strangeness of spontinaeity.

Calculating my intent,
I am a stranger to me peers,
As they are to me.

Not exactly my point of view. But I had a little inspiration. I like this, so it will demand much revision.


  1. We are often alone, in our own ideas, seeking affirmation that is meaningful to us. I did wonder about the line "I am a stranger to me peers". It's an interesting accident? or was it intentional? "I am a stranger to me" has interesting implications.

  2. The analytical mind completely exposed. The sensation of being different, other-than, so universal.

  3. PhotoDiction-I have to chew on your idea for a bit, but thank you so much! I wish more people would tell me what they feel needs fixing?

  4. I gawk awkward at the normals - love your thought there.