18 May 2010

I don't understand
How to heal a lonesome heart
Or how to mend a widowed emotion.
I can't calculate the equation
Or research the right answer.

Linear Logic
Will not explain
Or console it,
Or ever make it
Any better.

Unfinished. As a matter of fact, just the briefest thought. I really want to start using this blog as I intended. Kind of like my poetry journal. I just don't want to lose my ideas.

12 May 2010

The Curse

I lean back to review my reasons,
Flowchart my thoughts.
Data-driven me.

A random idea begins to rise.
I push it back into the pattern,
To its orderly belonging.

I need this reason because
Nothing is right
Without a why.

I gawk awkward
At the normals
How they just do.

As if cause
didn't lead to effect.
The strangeness of spontinaeity.

Calculating my intent,
I am a stranger to me peers,
As they are to me.

Not exactly my point of view. But I had a little inspiration. I like this, so it will demand much revision.

Inspiration at Last

As of this instant in time, my blog has 2 followers. One of these is not my sister!
I am guilt-burdened by neglect and apologize for forsaking my musings for far too long.
I apologize to all who might read my blog and I apologize to each of my own dendrites that shrink microns each day they aren't allowed to practice literary creativity (even if it may sometimes be creaptivity).
Nonetheless, I will certainly work harder at posting frequently. I'll even work hard to avoid loquacious drab like this and include stuff of substance and quality.
Though, I'm sure I will often miss the mark.