18 November 2010

Stormy Weather

So I was tying to do some work at home, but that never really works (my children make sure of that). So I decided to go and get some work done at work; we'll call it after hours. Anyway, as I'm almost there, my wife calls me and says that the power is out and the girls are scared. I go home. Stayed with the girls a while, drove one around until she fell asleep and saw the most incredible lighting aftermath I have ever seen. I didn't see any actual bolts, I just saw sections of the sky illuminate electric blue. And no thunder either. I don't know if it was sheet lightning or what, but it was sweet.
So I gotta write about lightning. Hmmm.....
More to come.

09 November 2010

Painted Black

The world without words
Is painted black.
Tiny sable points
Dot over every star.
The night weeps
As the moon hides her face in shame.
The sun gives up hope
And burns on
For no reason.
The dreary droops of leafless trees
Makes the earth think that it is sad.
But no one knows
If anyone cares at all.

I forced myself to write something. Next, I'll try to force myself to write something good.

04 November 2010

Lame Post #2

I have to make a post because I haven't posted anything in quite some time. I'll provide an excuse. I'm really busy! And I'm pretty sure I'll stay that way for a couple of weeks. In unrelated news, I did find a replacement book for the one that my daughter pooped on.
Yay for dinosaurs!

31 October 2010

Just Made It!

Today I said, "Just made it!" and I was thinking about all the circumstances when that phrase could be appropriate.

What kinds of things have you all "just made it" for or to?

23 October 2010

Life During Wartime

This is probably my favorite Talking Heads song. I absolutely love every syllable of it. But here's part of a verse that is really interesting to me.

I got some groceries, some peanut butter
To last a couple of days.
But I ain't got no speakers. Ain't got no headphones.
Ain't got no records to play.

That make anybody wanna write anything?

20 October 2010

Are you for real?

My youngest daughter took her diaper off and pooped on her favorite book.

16 October 2010

Lame Post

I'm posting this because I fell guilty about not posting anything in so long. BUT I have been meaning to write a post about how much inspiration I draw from music. Song titles, lyrics, particular phrases. I wrote a poem based on Rush's "Spirit of the Radio" which I absolutely one of my favorite things I've ever written (it and other stuff I've previously written is not posted here because I wanted to dedicate this blog to new creations).  Anyway today I was listening to the radio and the line "I never took the smile away from anybody's face" sounds so amazing to me.
If it sounds amazing to you, write something based on it here.  Hey - I think I just found my blog gimmick!

05 October 2010

Don't ask...

Just ignore this: JDYY3D9E966R

More Water Ideas

Sometimes when I relax and close my eyes
I wear an aqualung
To dream myself below
The sticky top tension
Of the ocean’s might.
I push down against the buoyancy
And peer gawk-faced
At colors that wouldn’t be right in the air
And body parts
Without terrestrial purpose,
Like tentacles and dorsal fins.
At  things that move in ways
They just don’t do above the waves.

Even the gentle push of a ripple
Touches every little wet bit of sea.
I wonder if the octopus five thousand miles away
Feels me wade in his water?

....don't quite know where I'm going here...

04 October 2010

Water ideas

Thanks all for your water-themed inspiration.
I think this will go somewhere eventually:

...body parts that move in ways
things just don't do above the waves.


28 September 2010

A little help...

OK, I have a few people reading my blog. But nobody is leaving comments. Please say something!
Here is a bit of a plea. I would really like to write a poem about water. I thought at first it should be about the ocean and then I remembered that long ago I thought it should be about the water as the integral necessity of life-or something like that. But, hell. I'm stuck. So if anyone else has any thoughts on water, poetical or not, jot 'em down. Here on my blog. Specific. General. Powerful. Mundane. Whatever.

25 September 2010

52 Weeks of Wordage: Stefers the Great and the Horrible, Awful, No Good, Very Bad Sniffles

I really like this blog. Here's a link to something I wrote in response to a picture that was posted. She does it every week. I was named one of the winners. Yay!

13 September 2010

The Prettiest Assassin

Your lightly colored camouflage
Of hollow plumes
Frames you in absolute earthen beauty.
You slink in so pretty
No one knows
That your fingers tear flesh
Like talons.
Your lips snatch me like prey.

You don’t even know it yourself.
Like a ninja savant,
You don’t even understand
How you assassinated my soul.
You just do it
And do it
And do it.

A wish I could warn anyone.
But your wings are too beautiful
When they move.
I can just see the blood on your mouth
And pretend it’s not mine.

This picture from Maundering Mutterer's blog was just too exquisite. I had to try to do something with it.

09 September 2010

52 Weeks of Wordage: Exercise #175 : In the Dentist's Office : Stretching, Folding, Tilting

I like to turn my television to channel 5.
I don't have a channel 5.
I close my eyes to the static
To listen to the cosmic stretch
And see the stars in my eyelids
Fly out in light speed slow-motion
In colors I don't know
But so vivid
They blur across the sky
In gassy glow-clouds.

I wonder if
The rubbery edges of the universe
Will brittle like an old hair band?

This is the post on a great blog I follow that got me going in this direction. Dentist, cosmos... close enough.

Stuff I don't want to forget

I don't know how appropriate this would be in any writing, but I got the idea of a Ninja Savant.
Then I got to some terms like Soul Assassin.

It reminds me of my dark, angry high school poetry-but I think I want to use it.

07 September 2010

Chemical Robot

My eyelids slide into the open position
As my brain sparks out of sleep mode.
I gear my torso upward
And an ache indicates a malfunction.
Biocorrosion? Prior damage?
I get out of bed.
And transmit a walking order
For the kitchen
To feed my fuel cell.

I am a chemical robot,
Programmed in proteins
And wired in neurons.
Conjured and constructed
By a secret scientist.
Am I less of a machine
Because I know that I am?
I lose the thought.
My prototype processor
It’s not multi-cored silicon, like a CPU.
It’s just a single blood and flesh brain.
More random than coherent.

I relax my electromechanical muscles
With a pulse,
Sitting down to wonder
If my computer wonders like I do?
Because we’re so much the same.

I got the inspiration for this rudimentary poem bit from a blog that I am newly following called Maundering Mutterer. I've only just started to read it but it is really compelling. Her ideas are thoughtful and she takes hella-cool photos - which particularly interests me because my sister has a photography blog (which she apparently no longer updates) that got me to start my blog.

06 September 2010

Kim Addonizio

For anyone who would prefer a text version of Forms of Love instead of the audio link I listed - 
Forms of Love

05 September 2010

Not My Own

I'd like to share a fantastic poem I heard on NPR's Write's Almanac a couple of months back. Hopefully this is a permanent link. The poem is at the end. It's By Kim Addonizio and is called Forms of Love.

02 September 2010

Dancing Machine

I wish I was a dancing machine.
I would stroll into work late
And the boss would
Point his finger at my pop-lock.
But I would be way too funky
To care.
"You ain't the boss of me
No more!"
As my head bobs with the beat.
My headphones cover like electric earmuffs,
Puts the beat
Right down in my brain
Deeper than an instinct,
Like a program hardwired to my soul.

I wish I was a dancing machine.

The first line just came to me and I had to get it down. I think I'm liking it and will definitely revisit it. FEEL FREE TO COMMENT AND SUGGEST!!!

27 August 2010

The Ocean

Gotta write something about the ocean. I went on a charter fishing trip a couple of weeks ago and I was absolutely stunned by the feel and the look of the ocean. I'm thinking something along the lines of the entire ocean as one body covering/protecting/playing? on the earth.

21 July 2010


I think about the time

I lost a metal scribe

And the base went quiet.

I grounded the whole fleet.

I remember my favorite toolbox

And the slippery sheen of hydraulic fluid

All over my battle dress.

Fireguard in the snow.

I can still taste the toxic sweetness

Of the de-icing fluid.

They told me to keep my mouth closed.

Like I’m still right there.

And sometimes I forget why

I left it behind.

Working title. Working poem. I'm sure it's the first military themed poem I've put here.

18 May 2010

I don't understand
How to heal a lonesome heart
Or how to mend a widowed emotion.
I can't calculate the equation
Or research the right answer.

Linear Logic
Will not explain
Or console it,
Or ever make it
Any better.

Unfinished. As a matter of fact, just the briefest thought. I really want to start using this blog as I intended. Kind of like my poetry journal. I just don't want to lose my ideas.

12 May 2010

The Curse

I lean back to review my reasons,
Flowchart my thoughts.
Data-driven me.

A random idea begins to rise.
I push it back into the pattern,
To its orderly belonging.

I need this reason because
Nothing is right
Without a why.

I gawk awkward
At the normals
How they just do.

As if cause
didn't lead to effect.
The strangeness of spontinaeity.

Calculating my intent,
I am a stranger to me peers,
As they are to me.

Not exactly my point of view. But I had a little inspiration. I like this, so it will demand much revision.

Inspiration at Last

As of this instant in time, my blog has 2 followers. One of these is not my sister!
I am guilt-burdened by neglect and apologize for forsaking my musings for far too long.
I apologize to all who might read my blog and I apologize to each of my own dendrites that shrink microns each day they aren't allowed to practice literary creativity (even if it may sometimes be creaptivity).
Nonetheless, I will certainly work harder at posting frequently. I'll even work hard to avoid loquacious drab like this and include stuff of substance and quality.
Though, I'm sure I will often miss the mark.