12 May 2009

So, I've been thining about writing a book about... no let me rephrase that - I've been thinking about writing a book chronicling my varied and somewhat unique assemblage of work experiences. This came to me in the shower. Do you remember this?

The first thing that I ever got paid for doing (That seems to be a strange way to put that thought into words. Whatever kind of story you may think this will turn out to be, it probably won't.) was delivering flyers door to door for a local psychic. I admit, it does seem strange that I, as an elementary school boy (probably about 9), went door to door in my poor, black neighborhood, delivering flyers for a palm reader. Even stranger, the more that I think about the situation, is that my mother allowed me to do such a thing, traveling with other neighborhood youths, in the bed of a strange pickup truck. Stranger still, is probably that I seem to remember pleading and begging my mother to allow me to take part in this absurd outing.

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  1. Times were different then. I do remember you delivering fliers, but I didn't think you were so young. this is going to be one interesting book!