09 April 2009

Hummingbird hovers hungry
Her wings
A subsonic fluttery blur.
She flies on downy feathers
Fast as a cobra strike.
She moves on slowly
For the next bit of nectar.

Pelican flaps an armful of air
And swoops down seaward.
Breaking the surface tension
Like a spear.
He surfaces soggy and hungry
And dives down again.
He only wants a bite of fish.

Eagle scans the sky.
He circles in search
With autofocus eyes.
He plummets,
Screeching speed
Through the stratus clouds.
His reward, a mouse.

I fly on metal and fire
With combustible thrust,
Gauges and gasoline.
Bolt on ramjets
And turbocharged pull props
Power up the throttles.
I want the sky.

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