15 February 2009


Learning is chocolate,
Each fact a handcrafted confection.
It's two scoops of ice cream
That you can't not eat
When you shouldn't
Have another bite.

Ideas are rainbows,
Glimmering every color twice.
They are the soft curves
Of natural beauty.
They are swimming
With dolphins at your wet fingertips.

Knowledge is a rippling richter wave
Rumbling through all the earth.
It is the flaming fusion
In the sparkle of the stars.
It is moving parts and solid state.
It is worth every thought.

I got the idea for this from a film I watched about learning differences. It was a kind of tribute to Bill Cosby's late son, Ennis, who was dyslexic. Anyway, a girl, maybe about 10-12 years old who had gone through school thinking that she was unable to learn happened across some good teachers who figured out how to teach this girl. The point to all this is that when the girl started to learn, she did not want to stop for a second. She said, with a huge, giggly smile, "Learning is ice cream!"


  1. I love the rich, imaginative comparisons you make in this poem!

  2. oh i love it. always learning. don't close your mind! mmmm like chocolate ice cream.

  3. Mary, thanks. When I heard that little girl say "Learning is ice cream!" it was such a powerful statement from a--probably 7 year old. I couldn't resist. Being a teacher-it was extra powerful form me, I guess.

    Marian, thanks so much.

  4. What a wonderful poem and I love even more the story of the little girl that follows. Lovely.

  5. Thanks, Sherry. I wish I could post a link to that girl's video. Well, I'm sure it's on Youtube...

  6. true..

    well expressed.

    thanks, hope to see you at poetry potluck tonight.

  7. Thanks, Jingle. I plan to be at the Potluck.

  8. If learning is ice cream, then sharing knowledge is the chocolate sauce and sprinkles on top!