24 February 2009

Grade School Basketball

Grade school basketball
Is choreography synchronized and rehearsed
But performed to music you've never heard before.
It's your favorite song
In a language you don't understand.
It's rolling through the stop
As you catch the cop
From the corner of your eye.
It's shooting at the wrong goal
With a particularly unembarrassed smile.
It's asking the referee,
"Who do I guard?"
It's both teams in the same color
And guessing who tipped the ball off the flagpole.
It's aunties on the court
And little brother sitting on the players' bench.
It's a stepping stone to knowing,
"This is not my kind of game."

I've been [poorly] refereeing some 5th grade basketball games. This is taken from observations of the games and retrospection on my officiating... skill.

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