19 February 2018

Bernouli at Kitty Hawk

By MLWatts [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

I dreamt the green, soft curves
Of Carolina hills,
They were in the Netherlands.
Windmills on each gentle peak.
You know how dreams are.

And a man said,
"You should fly."
I stared at the white, curled locks
Fluffing down to his
Sharp angled shoulders.

"Whatever for?"
I puzzled.
With no concern at all
For who this strange man might be,
Standing under
A Dutch Carolina windmill.

The concept of human flight
Was far foreign to me, since
My dream had time traveled me
To somewhereabouts the 18th century.

"Man was never meant to fly!"
I protested (a bit surprisingly to my sleeping self).
"Oh," he whispered through narrow-pursed lips,
"Man was meant to do anything he imagines."
I made
A mother's face of disapproval.

Considering me, he continued.
"Was man meant to read and write?
Who imagined that
Before Phoenician boatmen
Began to alphabetize their bargains?"

"This is not the same."
I protested.
The white-haired man ignored.
"What about nuclear-
Never mind that," he rebutted himself.

"I imagine a flying man akin to a demon.
Red, leathery wings.
In the melting heat of immortal hellfire.
This is my vision of a flying man"

"That is only your imagination,"
He reasoned.

I awoke.

Submitted at Poets United for Poetry Pantry 391.

18 February 2018

A World Without Words

There are always the right words.
Praises to sing,
Complements to adorn one with,
Witt-clever quips,
Apologies and assurances.

And there are always the wrong ones.
Crippling criticism.
Bludgeoning insults,
Snarly-toothed ripostes,
Excuses and admonishment.

But when all the alphabets die.
When every spoken syllable
Stutters into silence,

Who will boast  their great feats?
Who will shame the sinners?
When deeds can no longer be described,
They must finally be done.

Inspired by Poets United's Midweek Motiff: Word. 

04 February 2018


Stalking your steps,
Moving feline as the fog
And canine to your scent.

Not quite cannibal
In the contemporary sense.
I leave you all your flesh,
But consume you just the same.