23 April 2018


The humans are so loud,
Like high voltage to my ears.
Static up and down my spine,
Interupting impulses,
Commandeering conscious thought,
Snapping fingers,
Smashing fists,
Vibrating vocal cords.

You are all too much,
Too fast,
Too tall,
Too smart,
Too bright,
Too scary,
Too loud.

22 April 2018

There is a blue bowl,
Perfectly concave,
Beautifually transluscent.
Crafted to be steadfast and sturdy.
Bulit to be used.

It sits
Ornamental at the table.
Full of shiny, smooth rocks,
And dried flower petals,
Angry at its idle existence.

21 April 2018


Your diamonds are second rate.
Dark carbon smudges
The edge of the facet.

The cut is imprecise.
You should speak with your jeweler.

My luster betrays me.
I am not perfect.
But who would know?

My inclusions are bold and black,
But deep and hidden
So far I've almost forgotten them.

Day 21. This is from a prompt to write based on the myth of Narcissus from NaPoWriMo.net.